Two minutes together

Your professional video for a 2.0 communication

You need to broadcast messages,
guidelines, new tendencies ?

You need to present yourself, to federate around
your project, share your organization’s values ?

Professionals in public image and communication help you differentiate yourselves
with an authentic and elegant video

2 minutes together is an innovative video concept that allows you to stand out of the crowd.

A company, an organisation or an individual – it doesn’t matter who you are. To be seen, remembered, chosen you need to stand out among your peers.

Our goal: Bring out your distinctiveness in a unique and impactful video.

We all have our added value, identity, special strengths and motivations. We all have our uniqueness. In our digitally connected world, everyone can communicate their story, message, product in videos; only a few can do so with a true impact.

Our approach: Help you define what makes you unique and express it in a powerful message.


We create videos that convey your uniqueness through a proven story telling and video concept that combine verbal and non-verbal communication techniques with the art of filming.

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