Portrait de Bruno SouverbieBy combining consulting and coaching expertise with my passion for image and sound, I wanted to create a new tool allowing everyone to communicate their profession and their added value in a genuine way.

My goal is to show you how to make you feel good about yourself. Have a personalized communication tool that looks like you.

For that, I accompany you to build together the content and the form.

The content is your story. What to say about oneself? How and where to start? Talking about oneself is not easy, so developing the questions that will guide the interview is essential and will help you to build your own storytelling.

The form is the box that values ​​your story. The aesthetics of the movie is intended sober and elegant to focus the attention on you.

My belief is that what you are, worth to be unveiled and shared. What you are is the result of a story composed of passions, experiences, failures, successes and learning.

Two minutes together can highlight all these elements, the same ones that make you unique.

Originally a music composer, I worked closely with advertising agencies in the production of TV spots and national radios.

Today, many companies trust me for their communication in the form of institutional films, interviews, clips.


Portrait de Viviana SiclariViviana is a multilingual communication expert with over twenty years of experience at the European level. An Italian national, she lived in Germany, Belgium and is currently based in Luxembourg.

Her work experience started as a teacher in Germany in the early ’90s. She then moved to Brussels in 1998 to help companies and organisations understand the European Union’s institutions and the impact of EU legislation on their business and sector.

Based in Luxembourg since 2006, she joined the European Commission and later the European Investment Bank to work and communicate on environmental and energy issues. In parallel, she has developed a strong interest and expertise in gender diversity topics and in networks development and management.

In 2017, she created her own company, Viviana’s Coach: an e-coaching platform dedicated to women who want to progress and thrive in their professional life.